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4 pieces of advice every new dad needs

From travel tips to sibling-rivalry advice, take it in and put it to use asap!

We have a rare situation here at Bloom: It was founded by four dads. While they've been building a company over the last several years, they've also been raising kids. The dads on our team have expanded beyond the four founding fathers a bit and now have 11 children between them. Any new (or sage) parents out there can learn from these guys. From travel tips to sibling-rivalry advice, take it in and put it to use asap!


"Never miss an opportunity for staying involved in your kids' lives. No matter how trivial it might be - a simple swing session in the park - each activity eventually becomes an important moment over time that strengthens an unbreakable bond."
Francisco, dad to Delphi, Renata, Nicholas, and Mateo


"I traveled quite a bit before kids, and it was important to me to continue doing so. Plan your in-flight schedule before you board. The primary focus should to keep baby's sleeping and feeding routines as normal as possible. Also, don't plan on eating in-flight - it's just not worth the effort trying to juggle multiple trays & spilled drinks."
Jason, dad to Isla and Harper


"Sibling rivalry can be tough. Each kid wants all of your attention all of the time - at least until they get older that is… Finding a special place or activity that becomes your daddy-and-daughter or daddy-and-son thing really helps. For my daughter, it was weekend breakfast - just the two of us. Whilst mum and little brother were still sleeping, we would head out early-ish to our favorite lower east side cafe (Schillers - sadly gone now) and demolish a huge breakfast. We’d chat for a couple of hours, take in some of the colorful characters, and just have that rare one-on-one time.  We would usually stop for a play in the park on the way home before re-joining the family unit, with my little girl set up for the day. With my son, it's soccer. We go for a kick for an hour or so and almost always finish up by grabbing lunch and watching a game."
Simon, dad to Vesuvia and Frank


"Communication is key! As both parents start to grapple with their forever-changing world, it’s important to communicate with your partner about EVERYTHING. My wife and I would always carve out time each day to talk about new things we learned, our expectations on our little guy's upbringing, and (I know it's hard, guys...) our emotions. Knowing you're on the same page makes riding the rollercoaster of pregnancy and beyond a more enjoyable ride."
Mark, dad to Enzo


Being a new dad is life-changing. If parenting life feels a little challenging sometimes, look to your gear to make things easier. Our coco go is built for travel (yes, you can leave the house again eventually), the fresco high chair adjusts to any height table or breakfast bar, and our range of alma cribs were designed for space-saving and mobility.


bloom fresco chrome highchair from bloom on Vimeo.

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